Designing of

  • aerodromes, heliports and landing sites;
  • pavements of runways and other aerodrome facilities of airports;
  • aviation fuel supply facilities (storages of oil products, transfer stations, loading/unloading depots, industrial pipelines);
  • car refuelling stations;
  • treatment plants and reclamation facilities for oil products;
  • all types of utility networks and systems;
  • heat supply, energy saving, communications, water supply and drainage facilities;
  • sewage treatment plants;
  • air traffic control facilities;
  • facilities for radiotechnical, lighting and meteorological support of aircrafts;
  • buildings and facilities for aircrafts’ repair and maintenance;
  • flight catering buildings and public catering buildings at airports;
  • civil planes’ simulator complexes;
  • incineration plants and other facilities for disposal of aviation enterprise’s refuse;
  • facilities that are necessary for work of airports, airlines, repair enterprises and other aviation enterprises. buildings and facilities of enterprises belonging to other departments but located at the territory of the airport;
  • roads of Category III – IV;
  • access railway roads to airport facilities;
  • sprinkler stations, fire alarm systems and fire alarm and security systems, smoke ventilation systems and lightning protection systems, fire water supply systems, fire warning over public address systems;
  • architectural activities and architectural designing.

Elaboration of

  • urban planning documentation including urban planning layout documentation, schemes of all types of technical equipment for settlements and territories, territorial schemes of environmental protection;
  • special sections of the projects including such sections as environmental protection, labour and working conditions management, operation and production control, engineering civil defense measures, emergency mitigation measures, corrosion protection of construction units, sprinkler systems and stations, fire alarm systems and stations, fire alarm and security systems and stations, smoke ventilation systems, estimate documentation, investments’ efficiency;
  • feasibility reports, master plans, construction financiability studies, cost analysis, assessment of all facilities of air transport and other spheres’ infrastructure, performance of separate customer’s functions in accordance with the task.

Fulfillment of

  • all types of engineering surveys and assessments for construction including facilities at the territories with extremely difficult geological and climatic conditions;
  • other engineering and consulting services.